The Top 5 Cloud Computing Barriers and How to Overcome Them [EBook]


Because we offer both cloud computing implementation consulting and cloud computing training, we have a lot of discussions about how to prepare to migrate to the cloud, or expand the use of cloud services. While each organization, and each case is unique, five issues almost always come up. Three concerns are brought up by our students or clients, cloud security, cloud compliance, and vendor lock in. Another barrier, internal resistance, is brought up our clients, if they've seen it, or us if our client isn't aware if it. The fifth issue, the need to sell your plan in order to get cloud projects approved, is something we always have tell our clients about. These issues are so common we've created a series of blog posts on them, but, last week, we took it a step further. We published a free, 48 page ebook that serves as a step-by-step guide to cloud computing requirements planning. In this article, we'll tell you what's in it, and how you can use it to plan for cloud adoption, migration, or cloud service expansion. 

The Ebook

Before we get too far along, you can get your free copy of the ebook, The Top 5 Cloud Computing Barriers and How to Overcome Them by clicking here.

Extras that Go Beyond Our Blog

While our blog posts are designed to explain these issues and options organizations have for dealing with then, this ebook goes much further by both providing cloud planning resources, and by providing more insights on how to address concerns and mitigate risks. This ebook contains:

  • Coverage for the five most common cloud barriers: security, compliance, vendor lock in, internal resistance, and getting cloud projects approved, in one place.
  • Concise explanations of the concerns and or risks involved.
  • Context, when needed, to explain why issues arise, and when you need to be concerned about them.
  • Planning checklists to help you identify these issues in your cloud project, and tips for how to address or mitigate the issues or associated risks.
  • Training resources that both you and your staff can use to address these concerns and overcome these barriers. 

How You Can Use This Resource

This resource is great for any CIO, IT manager, or cloud project manager that has any new project. If you're just thinking about going to the cloud, it will help you understand which issues to be aware of when assessing project requirements, and steps you can take to minimize risks. If you are already in the cloud, and are looking at multiple vendors, considering adding services, or must address changing IT security or compliance needs, this ebook will help you know which questions to ask, and how to compare cloud service vendors. 

You can never be too prepared, and this ebook is a great resource to help you plan your next cloud project. Check it out!




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