In digital marketing, the term reach means more. More views, more engagement, more shares. The more reach you get with each piece of content, the more traffic you’ll see on your website.

More reach means more leads, conversions, and more customers!

We’ve found two issues stunt reach for organizations: poor content quality and poor content promotion. Simply put, there’s a lot of content out there. Mediocre content doesn’t get viewed, clicked, or shared. But having great content doesn’t matter if no one sees it.

Poor promotion is a content marketing killer.

The Ultimate Checklist for Promoting Digital Content to Maximize Reach addresses both issues.

This checklist is:

  • 42 steps that we put in place for our clients.

  • Focused on content finalization and promotion steps (quality and reach).

  • Broken out by phases and key resources.

  • Includes 18 tips for specific items on the checklist to save time and help integrate these steps into your organization. 

This checklist can improve the quality of your content and promotion. That will get you more views, clicks, shares which will generate more leads, and more customers!

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