Sales Process Consulting

The best selling processes follow the inbound methodology and integrate tightly with inbound marketing activities. But salespeople must know how to identify the highest quality leads to pursue, so that they can focus on leads with the most promise. We will work with you sales staff, teach them how to use a prospect fix matrix tool to identify the best prospects, and differentiate them from those that aren't worth pursuing. We'll teach you the inbound sales methodology, and help ensure marketing activities are bringing in more high quality leads. 

Each organization has slightly different needs. We charge $150 an hour for sales process consulting from a HubSpot Sales Certified individual. We’ll consult with your sales lead to see what type of help you need, then we’ll recommend training, mentoring, and other solutions to help you train your sales team on the inbound methodology and boost sales results. We require a minimum 2-day engagement. We need eight hours to plug into your sales process, investigate sales challenges and identify the best ways to help, and eight more hours, at a minimum, to present solutions and provide inbound sales methodology training.