Our Story


Since 2000, Bob Carver and his team of consultants have been marketing for some of the biggest technology companies including those in the software and chip manufacturing industry.  CarverTC focused on technical content creation for these enterprise customers as part of larger marketing campaigns. As the company grew, CarverTC added new capabilities including graphic design, animation, video, and web development services to support creation and deployment of more rich content. In 2007, Bob acquired a small development company and integrated those resources with his existing team. This acquisition bolstered content related development services and allowed for new services such as web application development, outsourced development services, and quality assurance services.

With content distribution moving to social media, more clients sought assistance with social media content distribution, content strategy, and multi-channel content marketing. In 2012 the company was rebranded as Carver Technology Consulting LLC (CarverTC, for short, or CTC for really, really short). While CarverTC continued to create great marketing content, it also established itself as digital marketing consultancy. CarverTC principals authored courses on Google AdWords and Google Analytics for Logical Operations. Within its first year, Bob authored a social media course through Logical Operations for the National Institute of Social Media, providing certification prep for their Social Media Strategist Certification. 

As the company evolved, in 2014, Bob added Peter Lammers as a partner. As an experienced marketer, and content developer, Peter had been a long time project manager for Bob with a history of delivering projects successfully, on time, and on budget. Bringing Peter on as a partner allowed CaverTC to take on full marketing campaigns, and offer full outsourced marketing services.

Working with a number of clients to create content, drive traffic, and generate leads, CarverTC saw the need to take both itself and its services to the next level. In 2016 CarverTC become a Hubspot partner agency. Hubspot provides a single platform for content creation, distribution, monitoring, contact management, and email marketing. All the pieces required for robust, and effective inbound marketing.  In short, Hubspot provided a better, more cost effective set of tools and services to facilitate the content marketing work CarverTC was already doing. Becoming a Hubspot partner agency allowed CarverTC to offer those same benefits to its current and future clients.

CarverTC continues to grow as a Hubspot partner agency with its consultants holding certifications in inbound marketing, sales, and tools. CarverTC focuses on all aspects of inbound, from content marketing and lead generation to integration and optimization of sales activities to get more, high-quality leads, and convert more of those leads into customers.