Inbound and Content Audit and Content Strategy : $3,500

Audits can help you gauge what’s working, what you should improve, and can provide critical insights to guide your inbound marketing decisions. We will audit your website SEO, your social media content, and keywords and provide recommendations to fix problems, strategies to optimize practices, and insight to supercharge your inbound marketing.

  • Interactive content recommendations (contests, polls, etc.).

  • 3 month content strategy including content plan, with posting and reposting schedule.

  • Publication, influencer marketing, and reach extension tips.

  • Client engagement tips.

  • 3 hour on-site or online review and consultation.

  • Website search engine optimization (SEO) Audit.

  • Pillar page recommendations for SEO.

  • Keyword recommendations.

  • Content publishing and analysis review and recommendations.

  • Content process and cross-channel promotion strategy.

  • Search, and social media advertising recommendations.

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