Inbound marketing services to supercharge your success

We offer inbound marketing and content for technology companies, or anyone with complex messaging. We are a Hubspot partner agency in Portland Oregon, and offer our services on retainer, which offers the best value, or through project work. The services we provide are listed below. Click the buttons for more information about each service. 


Retainer based Services

While we do both project and retainer based engagements, retainer packages offer the best value, and the best results. Inbound marketing isn't a one-off project, it's a long term strategy that requires a creative, persistent, and thoughtful execution that is continually optimized. In a retainer partnership, we become your marketing team providing dedicated resources to help you achieve your goals. Our team will work closely with yours. We learn your products, services, sales processes, and culture. This connection allows us to execute content strategy, facilitate engagement, track results and continually optimize everything.


Starting at $6,000 per month (depending on package and options)

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Setup (One Time) 

This is a one-time service that provides the setup and configuration of Hubspot software, and your first campaign. It includes all the essential steps and elements to make the campaign a success such as persona development, web, social, and keyword audits, and SEO optimization, as well as mentoring for your marketing team. This package will get your team up and running quickly, using Hubspot’s powerful array of tools the right way.


$8,000 one time fee. 



Content Acceleration

Additional high-quality content can improve inbound success. Improving search engine optimization (SEO), driving more traffic, and giving more visitors reasons to click your offers and become leads. If you want to accelerate growth, this is a proven way to do it. With this service you get more content offers, additional content, and additional campaigns. 


$2,000 per month.

Social Media Engagement

Take inbound beyond your website and have us monitor your social channels for prospects and opportunities to engage. We’ll work to build your online community, and bring them into your funnel through lead nurturing. We’ll also set up, manage, and create content for key social media platforms outside of Hubspot such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.


$1,500 per month.


Paid Media

Paid media campaigns can increase reach and awareness and significantly boost inbound results. We will plan and execute paid media search advertising campaigns on Google, and BING, and social media advertising campaigns on the networks most relevant to your business such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


$2,500 per month.


Video Content

Video is one of the most compelling and engaging mediums on social media. Video is quickly turning from an impact form of content to a marketing necessity as more social channels allow video embedding and autoplay right in their news feeds. With this package, we’ll set you up with Wistia, optimize existing videos, and create new explainer videos once a month. There’s even an advanced option for us to create company background and interview videos.


Starting at 3,000 per month.


Website, Keyword, Social Media, and Content Audit

Improve digital marketing with website and social media audits. Audits can help you gauge what’s working, and what you can improve. They can provide critical insights to guide your inbound marketing decisions. We will audit your website SEO, your social media content, and keywords and provide recommendations to fix problems, strategies to optimize practices, and insight to supercharge your inbound marketing.


$2,500 each audit.


How to Hire Us

CarverTC engages for both project and retainer based work. We also provide digital marketing training and certification. Click the buttons below for more information.



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