Inbound Tools Setup, Migration & Integration

If you want to manage your inbound marketing tools yourself, but don’t have the time or expertise to set them up and integrate them, we can help. We will setup, configure, and integrate your tools, migrate existing contacts, landing pages, email templates, workflows, and other content and automatons to get you up and running fast! We will then train your team.

We work with a wide array of CRM, Marketing, Landing Page, and Automation tools from Mailchimp to HubSpot.

Combine inbound with content strategy services, content creation services, and advertising services for full service inbound marketing!

Services are unique to each client’s situation. Services may include any or all of the following:

  • Data backup

  • Tool recommendations

  • Tool setup

  • Tools integration (CRM, Marketing, Email, Monitoring, Google Analytics, etc.)

  • 3rd party integration configuration (Zapier, etc.)

  • Contact import

  • Contact sync setup and configuration

  • Connect social media profiles

  • Optimize social media profiles

  • Blog configuration migration

  • Create publishing schedules

  • DNS and URL redirect configuration (migration scenarios)

  • Content, landing page, call-to-action, and email migration

  • Email list import and configuration

  • Workflow migration

  • Pop-up migration

  • Website chat configuration

  • Configure smart inbox and/or monitoring streams

  • Messenger marketing

  • Chatbot engagement

Social Media Engagement

Take inbound beyond your website and have us monitor your social channels for prospects and opportunities to engage. We’ll work to build your online community, and bring them into your funnel through lead nurturing. We’ll also set up, manage, and create content for key social media platforms used by your brand.

Services many include any or all of the following:

  • Create all necessary custom imagery to post on social channels, i.e.: Facebook Images, Twitter Images, Pinterest posts

  • Pass potential opportunities to sales staff

  • Adjust marketing plans based on social media interaction and feedback

  • Create social media profiles

  • Social media lead nurturing strategy

  • Monitor and engage with community on social monitoring streams