Inbound Sales Methodology for Better Leads and More Customers

Legacy Sales Processes

With the proliferation of information, marketing materials and research available on the internet, the modern buyer no longer needs a salesperson to access information to make purchase decisions. Modern buyers start their research as soon as they start their buyer's journey, and may have considerable knowledge before they ever speak to a salesperson. Legacy sales processes don't account for this. Salespeople following a legacy sales process are often unaware which buyers are active in a buying journey, or where those prospects are in their buyer's journey. They use cold outreach with generic elevator pitches to qualify prospects on budget. They transition into giving a presentation or demonstration as soon as a prospect expresses interest, often too early in the process, before the prospect is ready. When they do deliver a presentation, salespeople following a legacy sales process typically deliver the same presentation every time, without customizing or personalizing the experience for the buyer's unique needs, and offer discounts to get prospects to purchase on the salesperson's timeline.


Inbound Sales Methodology

An inbound sales methodology recognizes the need to transform the sales experience to match how modern people buy. Inbound sales teams recognize the need to transform their entire sales strategy to be based on serving the buyer, rather than the seller, and strive to personalize the experience to the buyer’s context.

Inbound sales people prioritize buyers that are active in a buying journey. Build trust by participating in the buyer’s online conversation on blogs and social media. They engage in sales conversations with personalized messaging relating to the buyer’s industry, role and contact preferences. When they have a conversation, the start by giving advice, to connect about something that matters to the buyer. When the prospect expresses interest, an inbound salesperson transitions into exploration mode to learn more about the buyer's needs. Inbound salespeople understand their buyer's timeline and adjust the sales process to match to deliver the right educational content to prospects at the right place and time. When the time is right, inbound salespeople advise their prospects on how the products and services they sell can help solve the prospect's problems and help them meet their goals. 

This process plugs into the way in which modern buyers naturally evaluate products and services when they are considering a purchase. It delivers on higher-quality leads at all stages, makes it easier to identify the best prospects, and move those prospect down the funnel, and turn them into customers. 

Sales and CRM Services

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Hubspot CRM Implementation and Training

Hubspot's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a world-class sales and customer relationship tool. It manages your sales pipeline, logs sales activities and gives your sales team insights they will actually use. Most importantly, Hubppot CRM helps you to close more deals with less work. Hubspot CRM is also the perfect companion for Hubspot's Marketing tool, providing seamless integration of contact data from sales to marketing, and from marketing to sales. If you're switching to Hubspot CRM as part of a Hubspot Marketing software retainer, we can transition you smoothly. We'll setup Hubspot CRM, import contacts from your old CRM system, provide guidance on contact cleanup, install Hubspot sales tracking code on your website and blog pages, and get you started with Hubspot email templates and documents. We'll even implement some of our favorite Hubspot CRM customizations and provide three training sessions to get your sales staff trained and closing deals fast!


3rd Party cRM Integration with Hubspot Marketing

Already have a CRM system your team knows and loves like Salesforce? To get the most out of Hubspot's Marketing software you should configure contact synchronization so that contact information is shared between your CRM and Hubspot Marketing, and to ensure the data in both systems are kept up-to-date. We will use Hubspot approved 3rd party integrations to perform your initial contact import, and configure contact synchronization between Hubspot and your CRM.  We'll even give you three post-integration support calls in the first six months to help you with any integration problems related to contact sync. 

Sales Process Consulting

The best selling processes follow the inbound methodology and integrate tightly with inbound marketing activities. But salespeople must know how to identify the highest quality leads to pursue so that they can focus on leads with the most promise. We will work with your sales staff, teach them how to use a prospect fix matrix tool to identify the best prospects and differentiate them from those that aren't worth pursuing. We'll teach you the inbound sales methodology, and help ensure marketing activities are bringing in more high-quality leads.