Our pricing is value-based, straight-forward and transparent. We will take projects ranging from individual content pieces, to content packages for a full campaign or pillar page, to full inbound marketing services on retainer. We will work with you to find what works best and allows us to deliver the results you need.

Our hourly rates range from $100 to $135 depending on the service you’re looking for. Some types of work we can bid at flat rates while other types of work are hourly engagements. We have retainer packages starting from $2,500 per month. Big or small, if you're interested in marketing services, reach out, we'll work with you to find the right services, and build the perfect package for you.

Content Strategy

Inbound Growth Plan: $3,000


Content Creation

Pricing for common services:

  • SEO Optimized Text Blog Post (1,500 - 3000 words): $800

  • Infographic and 5 stat graphics (you supply research ): $1,200

  • Infographic and 5 stat graphics (we do the research): $2,000

  • Conversational Content for chatbots, website chat and more: Custom pricing, call us.

  • Landing Pages (Text, image, web, or created in a marketing automation tool, or landing page tool) SEO Optimized include SEO attribute recommendations such as H1 tags, keywords, and metadata: Custom pricing, call us.

  • Calls to Action (Page (wide image), sidebar (narrow image), and button CTAs for use on web pages, in emails: Custom pricing, call us.

Pillar Page Content Creation Services

Pricing for pillar page creation. All pillar page engagements are custom, but the we can do must new pillar page engagements for the pricing below. Includes topic and subtopic keyword analysis, and SEO review, page-width and sidebar image calls to action (CTAs) and a button call to action.

Note: The more subtopics in a pillar page, the better the SEO boost and the more content you have to share:

  • New 8 Topic Pillar Page: 6 Text Blog Posts, 2 Infographics, 10 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data): Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $12,000 value!): $10,800

  • New 16 Topic Pillar Page: 11 Text Blog Posts, 4 Infographics, 20 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data): Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $17,500 value): $15,000

  • New 22 Topic Pillar Page: 16 Text Blog Posts, 6 Infographics, 30 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data) Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $26,300 value): $18,500

  • Pillar page from existing content offers or ebooks: This can be a substantial savings. Contact us!

  • Pillar Page Review: SEO analysis, topic and subtopic optimization, navigation recommendations, readability recommendations, CRO recommendations, offer integration recommendations: $1,250