Inbound Launch : $6,000 / month

This package includes all of the following services listed below. This retainer requires that you subscribe to HubSpot marketing software Pro version or better. HubSpot software fees are not included in our monthly price. However, by purchasing a monthly retainer package with CarverTC, HubSpot will waive your on-boarding costs. 

Initial Inbound Marketing Setup

Before we can begin your inbound marketing, there are initial setup steps that need to be performed. This begins with an audit of search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, social media, and other analytics and key performance indicators (KPI) to generate a baseline. We will develop personas for your ideal customers so that any content created addresses their wants and pain points. These initial setup steps will enable your inbound marketing success.


  • Persona development
  • Keyword research
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization
  • Website design audit
  • Social media setup
  • Analytics setup

Content Strategy

  • SMART goals
  • Content audit
  • Create editorial calendar
  • Create social media calendar
  • Campaign outline

Create 1st Campaign

  • Create premium content offer (ebook, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Landing pages, calls-to-action, workflows
  • Follow up emails
  • Social media promo
  • Blog posts

Develop Buyer Personas

Having accurate buyer personas is critical to your marketing success.  We will perform the research, interviews, and focus groups with you and appropriate customers to define and build personas of your ideal customers.

  • Define all personas

  • Complete profile build for every defined persona

  • Establish segmentation triggers based on individual needs/pain points


  • Full-site SEO audit to determine critical gaps

  • Competitor analysis and utilization of HubSpot

  • Keywords tool to detect attainable ranking opportunities and strategize long-tail/short-tail keywords


Keyword Audit and Optimization

SEO is essential for driving traffic with inbound marketing. Keywords are an integral part of ranking well in search results. We will research effective keywords and how they should be used in your content. We will also review keywords and make adjustments based on performance.

  • Install or verify Google Analytics.

  • Perform an analytics review in Google Analytics (if previously installed) and HubSpot to determine page performance, bounce rates, time on page, identify issues and determine our optimization steps.

  • Recommend design changes or optimizations on an ongoing basis.

Website Optimization

Your website will be optimized based on the results of our initial audit. We will ensure inbound marketing activities can be measured, and attributed. We will also review website performance on an ongoing basis, and recommend changes as necessary during monthly reviews.

  • Full setup and utilization of HubSpot software/tools for maximum efficiency

  • HubSpot training for all relevant internal staff

  • CRM setup/integration

HubSpot Management

We will setup your HubSpot software, and train your appropriate staff on HubSpot and how to use it.

  • Connect all major social channels

  • Create publishing schedules

  • Create specific social monitoring streams in HubSpot

Social Media Foundation

We will help you sync your social media accounts to HubSpot, and monitor and manage them too.

  • Up to 4 text blog posts per month

  • Up to 4 graphic blog posts (stat graphic, image post, infographic, SlideShare, etc.)

  • Cross-channel publication and promotion
  • Editorial calendar setup, calendar creation, and management



Blogs are a great way to attract customers and drive traffic. We will create blog posts that help you get your message out. We specialize in graphic blog posts that other agencies charge a premium for including infographic and SlideShare posts.

  • 1 new premium offer (ebook or whitepaper) per quarter

  • 1 new 1-page content offer (checklist, step-by-step sheet, guide sheet, etc.) per quarter designed for Top-of-Funnel (TOFU), middle-of-funnel (MOFU) or bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) per content strategy.

  • Cross-channel publication and promotion

Each premium Content Offer Includes

  • Content piece

  • Landing page

  • Thank You page

  • Social promo

  • Email promo

  • Call to action(s) (CTA)

  • Embedding CTAs and Lead Flow pop-ups on your Website

  • Marketing follow up emails and workflows

  • 1 persona-specific email per offer to increase conversion opportunities

Content Offers

Content offers are content based lead magnets such as ebooks, whitepapers, or other in-depth collateral that you offer to give to people in exchange for their contact information. We will help you identify content offers that will be compelling to your personas, build the collateral for those offers and the campaigns around them.

  • 1 newsletter template

  • 2 email promos per month



Email Marketing

A strong email campaign is essential to move leads down your funnel and turn them into customers. We will create a strategy, and email content for you to reach out to your leads with content offers, engagement opportunities and more.

  • All necessary workflow/lead nurturing efforts per campaign

  • 3-6 targeted emails per workflow to nurture most prominent/valuable personas



Workflows & Lead Nurturing

We will develop workflows that will move leads down your funnel towards becoming customers and configure email engagement to nurture leads on conversion paths that will turn them into customers.

  • 1 call/virtual meeting per week with your Inbound Marketing Specialist

  • Analysis of initial metrics and results on prior week’s campaign efforts

  • Monthly review and planning meeting to discuss current and future campaigns.


Inbound Strategy Updates & Monthly Reviews

As with any business effort, you want to know what is happening and when, and the results of those efforts. We will perform regular meetings/calls to provide updates and evaluate and plan strategies.

  • Set up Client Dashboard/Scorecard

  • Review if on track, off track or exceeding initial campaign ROI targets

  • Review data and adjust, if necessary



Monthly ROI Scorecard Review

We will help you measure and analyze your return on investment (ROI). During these reviews, we will discuss with your stakeholders and team any adjustments that need to be made to achieve and exceed your goals.

  • Inbound Marketing Specialist

  • Copywriter

  • Designer



Inbound Marketing Team

Our inbound marketing team provides all of the necessary skills to cover all aspects of your inbound marketing. This covers creating a strategy, designing and authoring compelling content, and copy editing.

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