Get the research you need, including keywords, content data, and competitor analysis to start generating leads, acquiring customers, and increasing engagement FASTER with an Inbound Growth Plan!

We do this at the start of all content campaigns and retainer engagements. 

Because so many brands want to jump start their lead generation at the beginning of the ear, we put this offer on sale!

You get everything listed below for $3,000!

Get your campaign or pillar page launched faster with insights and direction to help ensure success! See what we do and what you get in the video below!

Great for Starting a Content Campaign, or Creating a Pillar Page!

With an Inbound Growth Plan you get:

  • Website audit: We review the entire site for SEO optimization, and to find ways to optimize website engagement.

  • Content audit: We look at blogs, social, and other online content to see what's working best to optimize social media engagement.

  • Keyword research: We use tools to find the keywords you should be using to drive traffic and generate leads.

  • Competitor research: We look at three competitors to see how you can differentiate yourself, and promote your services for better lead generation.

  • SMART goals: We create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals for your marketing plan. Goals that focus your approach and lead to success.

  • Buyer personas: Up to two, detailed buyer personals to define, reach, and engage with your ideal customer.

  • 12-month content plan/Pillar Page content plan: The plan includes gated content offers, blog posts, and other rich media content recommendations.

  • Promotion strategy: We tell you which social networks and online locations to publish on to reach your ideal customer.

  • Editorial calendar: We lay it all out for you, when content needs to be completed, and when to post and repost to each online location.

  • Walkthrough to execution: We'll do a comprehensive walkthrough of everything and you'll be ready for launch!

Get your campaign started faster, knowing that you have a solid foundation to guide your content marketing efforts!

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By requesting a plan, you aren't committing to buy. We'll call in 1-2 business days to talk to you about your goals, environment, and needs. We want to make sure this service is right for you. If we both agree, we'll send you a contract. 

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