Inbound Accelerate: $16,500 / month

If you want to kick your marketing into overdrive, this is the package. It includes everything in the Grow package plus an additional campaign and video content. Adding more high quality content offers and an additional campaign is a proven way to improve search engine optimization (SEO), drive more traffic, and give more visitors reasons to click your offers and become leads. The addition of our video content Brand Story videos turns your content up to eleven bringing the powerful engagement of video to website and social channels, while letting your prospects and customer get to know your brand and people, increasing engagement and building trust.

Content Acceleration

If you want to accelerate growth, increasing the amount of high quality content you produce is a proven way to get results.  We will create an additional campaign with content offers and blog posts to drive more traffic, and generate more leads.

  • 1 new premium content offer per month

  • 1 additional blog post per month

  • Examples: ebook, whitepaper, SlideShare, etc.

  • Offers includes 1 custom-built campaign of:

  • Landing page

  • Thank You page

  • Social media promotion

  • Follow up emails

  • Call to action(s) (CTA)

Video and Content

Video is one of the most compelling and engaging mediums on social media. Video is quickly turning from an impact form of content to a marketing necessity as more social channels allow video embedding and autoplay right in their news feeds. With this package, we’ll set you up with Wistia in order to track valuable playback metrics. We’ll optimize existing videos, and create new explainer videos once a month.

People like to know who they’re working with and they like to work with good people. Brand story videos give your prospects a look behind the scenes, and provide a more intimate look at the personal and professional side of your brand. With this video content add-on package, we will travel to your place of work once every six months to take video of your processes and perform interviews. From this footage we will create two videos, either brand story or interview, per month for six months.

  • Subscription to Wistia Premium included

  • Migrate/upload all existing videos onto Wistia

  • Optimize existing videos for increased user engagement

  • Create 1 Explainer video per month.

  • Integrate video publishing with other social media publishing.

  • Brand Story Videos:

    • Travel once per 6 months to client location and film for full workday

    • Create 12-video blog series to be published over a 6-month period

    • A monthly video newsletter.

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