HubSpot CRM Implementation and Training : $3,200

HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a world-class sales and customer relationship tool. It manages your sales pipeline, logs sales activities and gives your sales team insights they will actually use. Most importantly, HubSpot CRM helps you to close more deals with less work. HubSpot CRM is also the perfect companion for HubSpot's Marketing tool, providing seamless integration of contact data from sales to marketing, and from marketing to sales. If you're switching to HubSpot CRM as part of a HubSpot Marketing software retainer, we can transition you smoothly. We'll setup HubSpot CRM, import contacts from your old CRM system, provide guidance on contact cleanup, install HubSpot sales tracking code on your website and blog pages, and get you started with HubSpot email templates and documents. We'll even implement some of our favorite HubSpot CRM customizations and provide three training sessions to get your sales staff trained and closing deals fast!

  • Import/Create 5 Documents

  • HubSpot Website Code Implementation and Verification

  • Implement CTC Recommended HubSpot CRM Customizations

  • HubSpot CRM Setup

  • Contact Import

  • Contact Cleanup Supervision

  • Create/Convert 5 Initial Email Templates


HubSpot CRM Training Sessions:

Training Session 3

  • Using Sequences
  • Using Documents
  • Using Prospects
  • Reporting

Training Session 1

  • Email Fundamentals
  • Email Templates
  • Calling from Hubspot CRM
  • Deal Setup
  • Deal Management

Training Session 2

  • Task Management
  • Task Queues
  • Using Meetings
  • Messages

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