Google Adwords and Analytics Training

Search engine advertising, also called, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is a cornerstone of online promotion and is still one of the most powerful tools for brands to extend reach to new and existing audiences. We do search engine advertising for CarverTC, and manage it for select retainer clients along with social media advertising. As with other services we offer, many clients wish to manage their own search engine advertising. Moreover, many individuals we talk to want to learn search engine advertising to further their own careers. Google is the leader in search engine advertising — so when the opportunity arose to partner with Logical Operations to create courses in Google AdWords and Analytics we jumped at the chance to author them.


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Classes and Certifications

Google AdWords Exam Prep: Fundamentals and Search Advertising: In this 3-day class, you will implement Google AdWords and create ad campaigns using both text and image ads to target specific audiences with advanced AdWords features. You will then analyze and optimize campaign performance. This course is for individuals who are seeking the Google AdWords certification and want to prepare for Google AdWords Fundamentals and Google AdWords Search Advanced exams. See the full syllabus for the Google AdWords 3-day class.

Google Analytics: Foundation: In this 1-day class, you will create a Google Analytics account, create multiple web properties to monitor, and tag website pages with Google Analytics tracking code. You will then create multiple views for collecting and analyzing data, and create filters, goals, and funnels for your views. You will then use Google Analytics real-time reports and dashboards to perform quick analysis of your monitored websites. Finally, you will perform more in-depth analysis of website data by using Google Analytics reports. This class is designed for anyone who wishes to implement or measure fundamental website traffic metrics with Google Analytics. See the full syllabus for the Google Analytics class.