Audits for Websites and Social Media

A website audit is an exhaustive crawl of your site to find anything that might be wrong with it, and to identify potential improvements.

A social media audit is an examination for your social media channels. It looks at messaging about your brand, products, and services, as well as the content produced, engagement with the community, and conversations that are happening about your brand online. 

Website and Social Media Audits To Improve Digital Marketing

Performing website audits regularly will help administrators stay on top of things, keep the site cleaned up and uncluttered, and be able to work with designer and web developers to ensure new pages perform well in terms of speed, SEO, and device compatibility.  That will help make sure your customers can find you, and once they do, that your website works well for them!

The benefits of doing a social media audit are huge. You see how you’re doing, what’s working, and what’s not and you can use that information to optimize your social media marketing, content, and engagement strategy. You can discover the following:

  • Which topics get the most shares and likes in the community?

  • Which content generates the most buzz for you in the community.

  • The most popular types of content.

  • Best times to post.

  • Keyword and hashtag effectiveness.

  • Influencers who you might be able to engage with to help market your brand.

  • The value of ads, contests and other special engagements in achieving goals.

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