Content that Connects and Resonates Drives Action

For content marketing to be effective, content has to make an impact, and the messaging in the content has to gain the trust, and connect with the audience in order to drive action. Making an impact can be done any number of ways, sometimes it’s as simple as turning off the color overlay on a web page and letting the vibrant colors of the banner show through.

Trust is built with your audience through knowledge, thought leadership, and data backed statements that reinforce the messages you’re delivering. Connection is achieved through a deep understanding of your audience, their pains, and their journey.

Before we create any content, we dive deep to understand your brand’s value, your industry, your audience, their pains and their journey. We use that knowledge to create content that impacts, gains the trust of your audience, connects with them, and compels action.

Types of content we create:

  • Interactive online training courses

  • Instructor-lead training courses

  • Brochures

  • Email templates

  • Website pages

  • Landing pages

  • Image calls-to-action

  • ebooks

  • Whitepapers

  • Explainer guides (slide or PDF format)

  • Checklists

  • Blog posts (800 - 3500 word)

  • Infographics & statgraphics

  • Image graphics

  • Custom imagery

  • Presentations

  • Explainer videos

  • Instagram stories and albums

  • Interview videos

  • Video and animated vignettes

  • Project demonstrations

    All our content is SEO and keyword optimized, and designed to fit into branding and campaign guidelines.

See for Yourself

Pricing for common services:

  • SEO Optimized Text Blog Post (1,500 - 3000 words): $800

  • Infographic and 5 stat graphics (you supply research ): $1,200

  • Infographic and 5 stat graphics (we do the research): $2,000

  • Conversational Content for chatbots, website chat and more: Contact us.

  • Landing Pages (Text, image, web, or created in a marketing automation tool, or landing page tool) SEO Optimized include SEO attribute recommendations such as H1 tags, keywords, and metadata. Contact us.

  • Calls to Action (Page (wide image), sidebar (narrow image), and button CTAs for use on web pages, in emails. Contact us.

Want something else?


Content Campaigns and Pillar Pages

We can create full batteries of content for campaigns. From blog posts, to stat graphics to infographics, and videos. We create SEO optimized content that is researched, data driven, beautifully put together, and compelling. We can design content for any social platforms and redesign content for cross-platform promotion. We specialize in product launch campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, and education campaigns.

Another specialty of ours is showcasing the core services a brand offers. Pillar pages, also called pillar content, is a great way to do that. A pillar page is a web page covering a single topic in-depth. It’s like an ebook, published on a single page. The brilliant thing is, even though the ebook is free, most people will give you an email address to download the ebook version so they can read it later. The other brilliant thing is that you can publish portions of the pillar page as individual posts and link back to the pillar page, these backlinks raise authority for your pillar page and boost SEO to those topics most important to your business.

This isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary because search engines now look at searcher intent and the pages that have the most in-depth coverage of topics rank better.

Want to learn more about pillar pages? See our Guide to Boosting SEO with Pillar Pages

Pricing for Pillar Page creation. Note, the more subtopics in a pillar page, the better the SEO boost and the more content you have to share:

  • 8 Post Pillar Page. Topic and Subtopic keyword selection and SEO, 8 Topics: 6 Text Blog Posts, 2 Infographics, 10 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data): Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $12,000 value): $10,800

  • 16 Post Pillar Page: Topic and Subtopic keyword selection and SEO, 15 Topics: 11 Text Blog Posts, 4 Infographics, 20 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data): Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $17,500 value): $15,000

  • 22 Post Pillar Page: Topic and Subtopic keyword selection and SEO, 22 Topics: 16 Text Blog Posts, 6 Infographics, 30 Stat graphics/Image Posts (created from the infographic data) Plus ebook (page count) and CTAs (a $26,300 value): $18,500

  • Pillar Page Review: SEO analysis, topic and subtopic optimization, navigation recommendations, readability recommendations, CRO recommendations, offer integration recommendations: $1,250


Content Offers

Content offers, also called lead magnets provide value to your audience. So much so that they are willing to exchange contact information in order to get it. These ebooks, whitepapers, and other pieces of content are the backbone of inbound marketing. Content offers generate leads. We create the content offers and everything else needed for your brand to generate leads through inbound.

Common deliverables include:

Lead magnet landing and thank you pages

  • Page copy (and context aware variants)

  • Banners and images

  • High converting form

  • Calls-to-action (full page, sidebar, and button)

  • Follow-up email templates

  • Workflows

Lead magnets (content offers)

  • ebooks

  • Whitepapers

  • Explainer guides (slide or PDF format)

  • Checklists

  • Video guides

  • Video demostrations

  • Other (industry specific such as template packs, and sample packs)

Content offers and content offer engagements are custom.