Cloud computing classes to take your skills and career to the next level. 

Why CloudMASTER?

The CloudMASTER cloud computing classes and certifications offer deep coverage of cloud adoption, migration, operations, design, security and compliance issues. CloudMASTER training is vendor neutral giving students hands-on experience with over 20 platforms and tools. The classes go beyond simple task-based training to teach critical cloud provider comparison and evaluation skills. Since CloudMASTER is vendor neutral, students review, compare, and discuss service level agreement (SLA) provisions from different providers and are taught to evaluate cloud vendors and solutions through the lens of their corporate requirements. CloudMASTER classes provide great vendor neutral training and are an excellent lead in to vendor specific cloud training. On a more personal note, CloudMASTER certifications can jumpstart or accelerate your IT career, and help you land a great paying job! 


We Wrote the Courses

We know these courses are excellent, because we wrote them. Our internal cloud consultancy worked with the cloud experts at the National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA) and Logical Operations to outline and author the three CloudMASTER classes. Furthermore, the CloudMASTER classes are backed by certifications offered by the NCTA. CarverTC is the best choice to deliver CloudMASTER training for you.


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Classes and Certifications

Cloud Technologies: This 3-day class teaches common technologies, benefits, and trends that are driving cloud adoption, as well as the fundamentals of cloud service selection, adoption, and migration. This course is for any system administrator or IT application support staff with six months to a year's worth of experience. This class prepares students for the NCTA Certified Cloud Technologist exam.

See the full syllabus for the Cloud Technologies class.

Cloud OperationsThis 5-day class dives deep in to cloud operations, application deployment, management and automation. In this class, students work with several different cloud provider platforms and third party tools. This course is for system administrators who are, or will be managing servers and applications in a cloud computing, or hybrid environment. This class prepares students for the NCTA Certified Cloud Operations exam.

See the full syllabus for the Cloud Operations class.

Cloud Architecture: This 5-day class teaches how to determine project requirements, design secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions, and convince executives to move forward with your recommendations. This class is for system administrators who wish to plan, design, and implement cloud services for their organization. This class prepares you for the NCTA Certified Cloud Architect exam.

See the full syllabus for the Cloud Architecture class. 

Once a student passes all three exams, they are recognized as a Certified CloudMASTER.

CloudMASTER Bootcamp: In addition to these three classes, we’ve created a bootcamp course. In this intense course, we cover all three courses in two weeks and help you prepare for your three certification exams. This is the fastest path to becoming a certified CloudMASTER.

See the full syllabus for the CloudMASTER Bootcamp.