Cloud IT Training is Protection for Your IT Career


TechRepublic recently published an article that documents a growing fear among many IT pros that cloud adoption is putting their jobs at risk. The statistics from the article are compelling. 28% fear that cloud adoption is putting their career at risk. For some it's the lack of tools to manage cloud services, for others, it's the lack of knowledge to how to migrate workloads, or lead a cloud deployment that drives these fears. Most important of all, the fears are real. 40% of respondents note that their data center footprint shrink as cloud services take over of on-premises infrastructure. But there is hope. Cloud is bringing its own challenges, and those challenges provide career opportunities for IT pros willing to acquire the skills to meet those challenges. In this article, look at the challenges, and how cloud IT training is projection for your IT career.

In one of our recent articles, we made the case that the shift to the cloud can make or break your IT career. The TechRepublic article is further proof of this. Times are changing, and that makes for some uncertainty, but, with cloud IT training, you can take control of your own destiny. While any cloud IT training or certification will help you earn more, there are two different types of training, and it's important to know how each type benefits your career:

  • Vendor supplied training offered by Amazon on AWS, or Microsoft on Azure is perfect for getting a job in an organization that is running services on that platform or that has decided to move to that platform.
  • Vendor neutral training like NCTA CloudMaster cloud computing classes and certifications, and CompTIA Cloud+ version 2 (due out in 2018) are much broader. They teach concepts, and critical cloud service, and provide comparison skills. They also teach skills like migration, multi-cloud integration, and how to protect your organziation from cloud vendor lock-in.

If you're in an organization that is moving to a platform that offers training, take it. If you're part of the 50% of those in the Techrepublic article that don't know what tools to use to manage cloud, or part of the 37% that don't have the knowledge to migrate workloads, or part of the 31% that lack confidence to lead a cloud deployment, you should strongly consider vendor neutral training. NCTA CloudMaster gives you all of those skills, and hands on using the tools and platforms.

Even more importantly, single cloud implementations are no longer the norm. More and more organizations are deploying to multiple clouds. Multi-cloud environments have a number of advantages; they also have several complex challenges and costs which, vendor neutral training prepares you to address.

In fact, inadequate requirements identification and planning is why many cloud deployments fail. Having the skills to properly identify requirements, and critically compare cloud services and vendors will make you stand out with any organization moving to, or growing their cloud footprint.

Getting a strong foundation in cloud IT training can help you stay employed and move up in your organization as IT services move to the cloud. Getting comprehensive vendor neutral training and a premier certification such as Certified CloudMaster put you into a seller's market for cloud certified IT professionals. 



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