Internal Resistance to Cloud Adoption Might Be Your Biggest Barrier [Video]


In a recent article on Infoworld, David Linthicum asked the question, "Why do cloud projects fail?" The answer he came up with is often "resistance from your colleagues." While there are many technical challenges that can become barriers such as vendor lock in, security, and compliance, cloud project stakeholders are often blindsided by another set of barriers that they don't expect, internal resistance. In this video, we lay out some common problems, and some solutions for managing your organization’s culture to facilitate cloud adoption. 

To see our full article, click here.


To see our full article, click here.

CloudMASTER cloud computing classes provide a comprehensive, in-depth, vendor neutral environment that explains critical technological, and cultural barriers to cloud implementation. It also provides hands-on migration planning, management, and automation activities throughout the three courses. Specifically, the Cloud Architect Course dives deep into designing a cloud architecture to meet organization requirements. It also explains the skills, and personalities that make up an effective cloud team. It details the causes behind these cultural barriers and provides strategies for addressing them. Beyond that, the course devotes an entire lesson to presenting a cloud project plan. This lesson covers how to structure your argument, back it up with data, and how to communicate it to executives, peers, key stakeholders, and other staff. CloudMASTER includes this training because it's critical to successfully implementing cloud projects. Anyone who takes this course, and the other CloudMASTER classes will be well equipped to overcome the cultural barriers outlined in this article. 





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