If you're planning or already executing a content marketing campaign and feel like you might be missing something, you've come to the right place.

Social listening is essential for planning, execution, and measurement of digital marketing campaigns!

In this free eBook, you why social monitoring and listening is so important for your brand. Then we give you the nuts and bolts. We tell you which free and paid tools we recommend, and we follow that up with lots of recommendations including:

  • The different teams in your organization should do monitoring.

  • What each team should listen for.

  • Recommendations for listening and responding to positive, neutral, and negative feedback - both valid and invalid.

  • Which platforms to monitor.

  • How to set up your monitoring routine.

  • Platform specific tips for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Google Alert configuration tips.

  • A 10-minute checklist to keep you on track from day one!

Get your social ears on, and never miss a mention, or an insight again!

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