One Tip to Help you Find the Best Marketing Content

With the glut of marketing content out there, it's hard to find content that's meaningful and relevant to you. Much of the content produced today is a remake of someone else's content. No new insights. No new data.

It's true. We know. We do a lot of research for ourselves and our clients. We publish our own high-quality content, and we curate much more for our online community. Our clients often ask us for content recommendations, and we always get a lot of traction when we publish the best content of the month on the last Friday of each month. Then it hit us, why not share with everyone?

Our Tip: Let Us Send You The Best Marketing Content Each Week

We've created a new newsletter. In it, we'll share the top four pieces of content from around the Internet each week. We'll use the same formula as we do when we publish our best content of the month:

  1. We select the top three articles based on engagement from our online community.

  2. Our editors select one article they feel is important for the marketers to know.

  3. As a bonus, we'll send you our latest content.

  4. We'll also tell you the top three trending topics we spotted over the week.

It's that simple. We'll send you five articles, four of them curated from marketing thought leaders around the Internet and the trends we're seeing. It'll save you time and help you stay plugged in!

A Look at Our First Above the White Noise Newsletter

We've titled this newsletter, Above the White Noise. We've already sent out our first one and the reception has been great. Take a look at the content we shared:

Here's the most popular digital marketing content for the week of March 5th, 2018

Selected by our online community:

The #1 Reason Paid Ads (On Search, Social, and Display) Fail by Rand Fishkin. This article shows the importance of knowing your audience, targeting them correctly and advertising to audiences that have experience with you.

14 Ways to Earn Backlinks Without Begging [Infographic] by Mark Walker Ford. 14 content ideas that generate backlinks based on data from Kissmetrics.

The Buzzsumo Content Trends 2018 Report. Must read for marketers. Great stats and insights from BuzzSumo. More evidence that content quality, relevance, and promotion are the keys to content marketing success. 

Our editor's choice:

Shrinking Content Budgets Drive the Need for Content Intelligence by Chad Pollitt. Some organizations are becoming disillusioned with content marketing because it's hard to stand out with all the content out there. AI, marketing technology, and content intelligence might help your content rise above.

Our latest post:

4 Ways Content Reviewers Can Improve Content Quality [Infographic]. Insightful stats about why content quality and relevance are so important and tips on how content reviewers can help improve those aspects of your content.

3 marketing discussion trends spotted (what people are talking about):

1. Content intelligence

2. Messenger Marketing 🔥

3. Content quality (how to measure and improve)

Let Us Know If You're Interested

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