5 Ways to Leverage Customer Training to Create Marketing Content

Education based marketing sharing deep knowledge about a topic or industry that addresses customer pain and solves problems. It’s how we do inbound marketing for ourselves and our clients for many reasons. 

One key benefit is that education based marketing avoids off-putting selling messages. It shows thought leadership and provides value rather than a sales pitch. It has the same goal as inbound selling - always be helping. 

Another reason that we prefer education based marketing is because brands typically create a lot of training content where products and solutions are concerned. Training content that supports onboarding and implementation provides a wealth of information for marketing content. It can also help your brand establish an educational conduit to your customers that can be promoted for marketing. 

Regardless of your digital marketing strategy, customer training can be a great resource for creating content marketing campaigns. This infographic looks at 5 Ways to Leverage Customer Training to Create Marketing Content.

5-Ways-to-Create-Marketing-Content-from-Customer-Training (1).png