Employees are More Engaged at Socially Engaged Companies [Stat Graphic]

The impact social engagement by the organization can have its employees is startling. With Gallup's 2013 “State of the Global Workplace Report” reporting that only 13% of employees are engaged at work, Carole Zibi and LinkedIn worked with Brian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group, to look at the impact of social engagement on employee engagement. The results, as I said, are startling. Carole's excellent article contains lots of information and an infographic with other facts. Our reading of the article compelled us to make the infographic below. Simply put, if you're organization is active on social media, and includes the employees in that activity, there's a far greater chance the employees will be engaged with what the organization is doing. Engaged, socially connected employees can become brand ambassadors, sharing content, and increase brand awareness. That's huge. 

- Bob