How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Posts

By Bob Carver

Reading Time : 3 Min

The primary way to reach out to fans on Facebook is through posts. As Facebook as evolved over the years, and changed their news feed algorithm, and added new features like the timeline, and advertising, the options and features related to posts have changed.  The following are some options for managing and promoting posts so that you can get the desired effect and traction out of all of your posts. 

Highlighted Posts is a free option that expands a post to widescreen.  It's accessed from the arrow drop-down in the upper right corner of the post.

Highlighted Posts will always appear on user’s timelines, while others will disappear as they become stale.  As an admin, you can highlight any post on your page, and can remove highlight status at any time to return posts to normal.

Use cases for highlights include:

  • Special messages like holiday well wishes.
  • To announce special events or promotions such as product launches.
  • To bring attention to posts you deem significant.

Pinned posts move a post to the top of a Facebook page for one week. It appears with a digital ribbon draped over the upper right corner of the post.  Pinning posts gives fans more opportunities to see, comment, like, and share the post.  This allows you to capitalize on the community effect in Facebook. 

Use cases for pinned posts:

  • Posts with time sensitive information such as current promotions or sales.
  • Product launch announcements.
  • Customer complements and testimonials.

Targeted Posts allow you to make posts visible to portions of your audience based on demographic information. This allows you to direct different content at different market segments.

Use cases for targeted posts:

  • Posts about events specific to one location and not to others.
  • Posts targeting different languages with language specific content.
  • Posts targeting specific demographics with special offers.

Giving your fans what they want increases the likelihood of getting likes and shares, and decreases the chance that more broadly targeted posts will be seen as spam in user's newsfeeds.

Some options for targeting posts:

Target a post. This makes the post visible in the target audience's newsfeed, and visible to anyone visiting the organization's page.

Limit the audience. This limits the post to the target audience in the newsfeed, and on the organization's page. The post is not visible to everyone who visits the organization's page. Even when shared by those who can see it, those who aren't in the target demographic cannot see it.

Currently posts can be targeted using the following demographic information:

  • Gender: male or female.
  • Relationship status: single, in a relationship, engaged, or married.
  • Educational status: in high school, in college, college graduate.
  • Interested in: men or women.
  • Age: select a range between 13 and 65.
  • Location: country, city, region or state.
  • Language.

Note: Demographic information is based on Facebook user’s profiles. Remember that not all users complete their entire profile, so some users may be excluded from targeting due to a lack of demographic information.

Remember that targeting posts is effectively limiting their reach in some way. If you are going to target posts, content should be designed to appeal specifically to the targeted demographic. Broadly focused content, should not be limited. If your page is already demographically focused, you may not need to use targeted posts.

Promoted Posts are a fee based advertising service offered by Facebook that allows you to have posts appear in newsfeeds of people you target.  Posts can be targeted to fans and friends of fans, or based on demographics. Once you create the post, you can select the megaphone icon or boost a post option (50 people must like your page before this is an option).  You then choose the type of targeting, targeting options, and budget.  Promoted posts that target using demographics (targeting outside your base of fans and fan friends) are seen by many as expensive when compared Facebook ads. Promoted posts are less expensive, and many believe have the most value, when targeting fans and friends of fans.  People who see the post will see some of their friends are fans, and are more likely to trust the brand their friends trust, and less likely to see the post as spam in their feed.  Using promoted posts this way is more effective the more fans you have.