3rd Party CRM Integration with HubSpot Marketing : $2,700

Already have a CRM systems your team knows and loves like Salesforce? To get the most out of Hubspot's Marketing software you should configure contact synchronization so that contact information is shared between your CRM and Hubspot Marketing, and to ensure the data in both systems are kept up-to-date. We will use Hubspot approved 3rd party integrations to perform your initial contact import, and configure contact synchronization between Hubspot and your CRM.  We'll even give you three post-integration support calls in the first six months to help you with any integration problems related to contact sync.

  • Contact sync implementation using Hubspot approved, off-the-shelf 3rd party integrations

  • 3 troubleshooting calls to resolve synchronization issues

  • Initial contact import into Hubspot Marketing software

  • Provide contact synchronization recommendations

Fees for 3rd party off-the-shelf integration services are separate from CTC consulting fees and must be paid by the client.  Contact synchronization features are limited to features included in any selected 3rd party integrations. Custom coding for integration is not included in this service, but may be available for an additional fee.

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